Team (2024-2025)

Dixon Soh, President

Dixon is the Head of Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets Practice, CHP Law LLC and has practised law as a private practitioner, in-house legal counsel and as a lawyer/IP Strategist in the public sector.

Over the years, Dixon has advised numerous entities including MNCs and SMEs across many different industries, such as IT, e-commerce, FinTech and media and am familiar with the challenges (particularly IP issues) experienced by businesses throughout South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 

Dixon is a proud graduate of the University of Tasmania and holds qualifications to practise law in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

IAM300 2020 & 2021 (Recommended Individual) 

Dr. Eugene Ho, Vice-President

Dr Ho is the IP & Research Director at MengNiu Dairy, China and was formally at IPOS’ S&E unit as a Patent Examiner who specialised in the examination of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical patents. After IPOS, he joined an international Venture Capital firm, Reapra Pte Ltd, as the Market Analytics and IP Management Lead, where he scouted for potential startups and promising industries for early-stage venture capital investments using a combination of Market analytics and Patent analytics. Part of his work at the VC firm includes helping startups and their founders with industry research and IP strategy post-investments. 

As the IP and Research Director at MengNiu Dairy, China, Dr Ho leads the IP, research and investment strategies of MengNiu, particularly in its expansion into the Healthcare and Biomedical space with IP intelligence. In addition, Dr Ho is also an adjunct lecturer at NUS, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, where he teaches graduate students on basic concepts and current trends of IP and Venture Capital. 

Esther Loh, Secretary

Esther is an Assistant Director at Singapore Institute of Technology where she conducts intellectual property management, technology transfer and technology scouting.


With more than 10 years of experience in IP, Esther has handled clients across a diverse industries from healthcare, fintech, robotics, biotechnology, oil & gas, retail, edutech, consumer, travel etc. Esther is also plugged into the Singapore’s innovation ecosystem where she brings together businesses, investors, research institutes and regional partners for opportunities to grow regionally. Prior to providing IP advisory to businesses, she was with the national technology transfer office, managing more than 500 IPs from national research institutes.


Esther has a Graduate Certificate in IP and is a Registered Management Consultant under IMC. She obtained her Masters and her BSc (Honours) in Chemistry from NUS.

Esther is also recognised as one of the leading intellectual property (IP) strategists in IAM 300 for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Andrea Chiu, Assistant Secretary

Andrea is a Deputy Director at Singapore Institute of Technology where she  leads a multidisciplinary team of talented professionals responsible for contracts management, compliance, grants, and patent & contract administration. Together, we drive innovation and IP commercialization activities within NUS and beyond.


As a seasoned professional deeply committed to technology transfer and intellectual property (IP) strategy, Andrea have consistently delivered impactful results across various roles. Prior to her current position as Deputy Director (Strategic Operations, Technology Transfer and Innovation) at NUS Enterprise, she served as an IP Strategist at IPOS International. In both capacities, she leverage my extensive expertise in IP management to drive tangible outcomes.


As an International Mergers & Acquisitions Expert (IM&A), Certified Licensing Professional, and Registered Management Consultant, Andrea brings invaluable expertise in navigating the complexities of IP management and technology commercialisation. Driven by a passion for creating societal impact, she is committed to growing and leveraging my expertise to continually foster collaboration, drive innovation, and create value. 

Ye Thu Aung, Treasurer

Ye Thu is a Patent Strategist at Grab. He oversees and drives the entire spectrum of development and implementation of Grab’s patent strategy. Leveraging his past experiences as a patent analyst and an IP consultant, Ye Thu formulates patent protection and commercialization strategies for Grab and works together with many internal stakeholders to build the culture of innovation within Grab. Ye Thu communicates complex IP matters to the C-suite in a simple and business-friendly terms.

Ye Thu is also recognized as one of the leading IP Strategists in the world and featured in the list of "IAM Strategy 300" for two consecutive years (2021-2022 and 2022-2023).

Dr. Seah Kwang Hwee, Assistant Treasurer

Dr Seah joined the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore as the pioneering batch of Patent Examiners 2012. 

After the stint with the Patent Search & Examination Unit, he went on to assume other roles within IPOS, including as the Deputy Director business development, marketing IPOS’ products and services to the US market, and IP management consultancy for local startups and SMEs as part of IP ValueLab. 

Dr Seah currently serves as an Acting Deputy Director at A*STAR Enterprise.

Winston Chan, Exco Member 

Winston is the Group Managing Partner of FT Consulting Pte Ltd.

Winston is passionate about helping organisations maximise the value of intangibles. Listed in IAM Strategy 300 since 2018, he was the first in Singapore’s IP sector to receive the SkillsFuture Fellowships award in 2019. He currently serves as a board member of IPOS International.

Michelle Tan, Exco Member

Ms Michelle Tan is currently Partner, Deals & Strategy, Technology & Intellectual Property Advisory, Deloitte Southeast Asia. 

Marcus Lim, Exco Member

Reuben is a lawyer called to the Singapore Bar dealing with Intellectual Property and technology. Work experiences in South East Asia, India, New Zealand, and Australia markets, and include, stategising and executing IP protection and IP enforcement, providing advisory on contract risk management, IP policy reform and commercialization of IP, and establishing data protection and IP policies. He has worked in both private and government sectors. 

Lim Jia Sheng, Exco Member

Jia Sheng is a Brand Protection Specialist at Crocs.

He previously managed Unicity and Performance Labs' IP globally, ensuring that the company's IP strategy is in line with its latest developments, innovation and product lines. He was also a former IP Strategist that helped companies and organisations leverage on and align their IP & IA to their business and strategic developments. Started off as a researcher in biotechnology, health, food and biomedical sciences. 

He is  listed in IAM Strategy 300 2023 and a Certified Registered Consultant (RMC).