Welcome to IPOS Society

IPOS Society was formed in 2016 as a platform for former employees of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), and its predecessors or subsidiaries, to network and interact for knowledge and experience sharing.

As a professional networking platform, we warmly welcome leaders and stakeholders in the IP and innovation ecosystem (IPOS, government agencies and private sector companies) to network, socialise or join us, as we collectively build and promote an IP drive innovation ecosystem for Singapore.

News Releases

25th Feb 2022 - Annual General Meeting and Elections for 4th Executive Committee (EXCO)

IPOS Society held it's annual AGM and held an election for the 4th term Exco. We are pleased to confirm eight members as EXCO office holders, including three new office holders who look forward to serve our members and the broader IP Community.

We also thank members and volunteers who served in the 3rd EXCO from 2020-2021 for their invaluable contributions to the society.

Singapore IP Strategy 2030 Unveiled

The Singapore IP Strategy (SIPS) 2030 was announced on 26 April 2021 during World IP Day 2021. It focuses on three key areas (1) Strengthen Singapore's position as a global hub for IA/IP, (2) Attract & grow innovative enterprises using IA/IP, (3) Develop good jobs and valuable skills in IA/IP. (Read more)

Acceptance Speech by Mr Daren Tang to the WIPO General Assembly for the Official Appointment as Director General of WIPO. (Read more)