Welcome to IPOS Society

IPOS Society was formed in 2016 as a platform for former employees of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), and its predecessors or subsidiaries, to network and interact for knowledge and experience sharing.

As a professional networking platform, we warmly welcome leaders and stakeholders in the IP and innovation ecosystem (IPOS, government agencies and private sector companies) to network, socialise or join us, as we collectively build and promote an IP drive innovation ecosystem for Singapore.


IPOS International Event - Copyright Law & Practice: A Basic Primer (Date to be Determined)

How confident are you at spotting copyright issues in practice? Do you know what that “IP clause” in the agreement means as far as copyright is concerned?

Get a quick run-down of basic copyright principles, in this practical half-day workshop!

Our trainer will share on the above and more, in this session targeted at lawyers, in-house counsel, and other professionals looking for practical inroads into demystifying copyright law.

What you will learn

This workshop will cover the basics of copyright law in Singapore, the pitfalls which may arise in litigation and in corporate work to look out for, as well as provide a review of pertinent copyright cases in Singapore and abroad that newcomers to copyright law should get acquainted with.

Please note that this session is NOT recommended for practitioners and in-house counsel who are already well-versed in IP and copyright issues.


News & Releases

Acceptance Speech by Mr Daren Tang to the WIPO General Assembly for the Official Appointment as Director General of WIPO. (Read more)

Postponement of IP Week @ SG 2020 Conference to August/ September 2021

Considering the current COVID-19 situation, IPOS has decided to postpone the event, scheduled on 25-26 Aug 2020, to August/September 2021. Instead, the event will be celebrated digitally this year. IPOS will be updating the digital programme in due course. For further information, please visit their microsite at www.ipweek.sg.